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Team Resident Realty

The mentor program at Resident Realty will provide you with personal attention transferring  you from the point of licensure to real life experience. We do our best to work in the background making sure your clients see you as a seasoned professional from your very first transaction.


  • We will teach you to prepare and understand the contracts as you start to work with clients.

  • We help you learn how to use the systems provided by Resident Realty as well as your MLS and DORA.

  • We teach you the proprietary lead generation system,,  built and supported by Resident Realty. 

Mastery of these and other principles guides agents to build a successful career in Real Estate.

During your time on the mentorship program, you are invited to a weekly instructional meeting which we cover topics like how to hold an open house, how to set showings, how to deal with inspection objections, and much more. By the time you finish your first couple of deals you should have the confidence to navigate the majority of situations on your own.

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Ely Danner

Ely has an extensive background in sales and marketing along with personnel and time management

Robert Balentine

Robert has a background in sales and marketing with an emphasis on software and systems management

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