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RR Testimonials

RR Testimonials

RR Testimonials
Resident Realty Megan Denham

Resident Realty Megan Denham

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Resident Realty Cody Notch

Resident Realty Cody Notch

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Resident Realty Kathi and Karen Hoover

Resident Realty Kathi and Karen Hoover

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I started with Resident Realty as a new agent. Right away I met great people, who really understand real estate and proved to be excellent mentors. I have looked at other real estate agencies and Resident Realty is definitely for me. I love that I can operate my business so that it fits my needs and schedule, yet have awesome resources available to me for questions and mentoring. I am so happy with my choice, and plan to remain at Resident Realty for years to come. 

Georgie Dewey

I love Resident Realty.  I previously worked with three other agencies before coming to Resident Realty. It wasn't until I moved to Resident Realty that my business actually took off. I love that I can basically run my own business, set my own commissions with my clients and really do what I want to do with my business to be successful.  There is always support when I need it and the monthly office fee's and commission split is unbeatable.  I also enjoy the fact that the agents at Resident Realty are NOT so competitive with each other.  It seems all of our agents are always willing to help one another out. 

Holly Mitchell

I started with Resident Realty as a new agent. Right away I met great people, who really understand real estate and proved to be excellent mentors. I have looked at other real estate agencies and Resident Realty is definitely for me. I love that I can operate my business so that it fits my needs and schedule, yet have awesome resources available to me for questions and mentoring. I am so happy with my choice, and plan to remain at Resident Realty for years to come. 

I was with Resident Realty for a little while thinking that the grass was greener with a Big Name Company.
So I moved to a Big Name Company only to realize after about 2 years, that any success I had came from me and not being a part of a Big Name Company.


I came back to Resident Realty and within 1 month things exploded. I got 4 buyers under contract and 3 new listings.. It is just so awesome !!


Resident Realty provides all the tools and training that the Big Name Companies do, without the BIG FEES. 
" Trust me it's a lot !"


I am happy to be back and part of a company the provides all the things I need and the support that I need  to be successful in this market.


Thank you Craig for letting me part of your team again.

Lisa Yoshimura

I moved my real estate license to Resident Realty in July of 2015. I could not be happier!
Resident Realty offered so much more than other companies - yet I keep the majority of my commission.
The managing brokers return calls and offer needed support.

  You get a CRM - for free.
  They offer a great company platform - with detailed training videos for additional help.
  They offer conference & meeting rooms for their agent's use.
  They pay for Centralized Showing Service.
  They provide continuing education classes.
  The list goes on and on...

Tiffany Baublitz

Resident Realty is a smart, sensible choice for real estate agents desiring to increase their business and profitability. The service and support is exceptional and the fees are reasonable. This is a powerful combination that enables me to structure competitive agreements with my clients and deliver outstanding service.


As a real estate agent for 10+ years, I have been with several firms.  Admittedly I have high expectations of my broker and require solid, quick and reliable responses when the need arises.  My clients look to me as the expert and my experience coupled with the support team at Resident Realty allows me to deliver premium service. As most of us know, communication with our broker is rarely required 8a-5p M-F, but usually off hours and weekends!  You will be impressed--I've been with Resident Realty for 5 years and am still impressed with Craig's service and leadership. You will be too!

Becky Finger


My name is Rick Archibald, However I go by "ARCHIE". I am a Commercial Real Estate Broker . I have been a Commercial Real Estate Broker for over 50 years. I am a member of the National Council of Equity Exchangers. I specialize in all types of Large & small Commercial Real Estate transactions & Trades & 1031 Exchanges and Equity Exchanges. I am also a member of Mile High Equity Exchangers in Denver, Colorado . ( I love doing referral on commercial deals if you need help of a co-op) 

I Recently switched  my license back to Resident Realty which has a far better program and better help and  offices in northern Colorado which you can use, and  you get a great deal of help from their management and other agents. I had my license with them for several years and they were great to work with. However 7 or 8 months ago I switch to what I thought was a cheaper alternative. WRONG !!!!!! 

Resident Realty  charges $50. per month but only $300. per closing and they have lots more offices and perks in northern Colorado. I have been a commercial broker for 50 years and I can tell you they have the best online service I have found.

Rick 'Archie' Archibald

I have been licensed since 2009. I discovered Resident Realty 3 years ago and have been very satisfied! The first brokerage I joined as a new licensee promised training, and leads. I quickly discovered that I was paying a large amount of money in splits and franchise fees for training that was being offered for free by title companies and mortgage brokers. I discovered the leads promised to me were being sold to e-agents! 


Resident Realty has been a great brokerage allowing training opportunity without the large splits and extra fees. This allows me more marketing dollars and more money in my pocket.  I can negotiate easier against my competitors for listings because they are strapped with fees. Resident Realty offers training and support for the agents that want it, without it being mandatory for those that do not want it.


The Showing Assistant system is easy to use, and is a very nice tool for Resident Realty agents to contact each other of new listings, open houses and future events. It also easily allows me to easily add a listing to the Resident Realty website, add a closing, create a CDA and upload from ctm e-contracts prior to closing. I then get paid at the table and don't ever have to go into the office if I don't wish to. 


One of the largest assets to me has been the Westminster Managing Broker- Tony Thurman. He has many years experience in Real Estate, and is great at thinking outside the box when I need ideas or help. He has been helpful in a couple confrontations with other brokers over contract disputes as well.

Lastly, I really like to get my name out there by hosting events- Resident Realty with Tony's help always help me with marketing ideas and ways to make the event successful.  I highly recommend Resident Realty for both new and veteran agents.

Jaycee Georgiev

I decided to move to Resident Realty to work on a part time basis for myself and a limited number of customers. I run a small business and plan on retiring from it soon and would like to go full time with Resident Realty. The fee structure with Resident Realty makes this possible. It is also a great group of people to work with.

Kevin Blaney

I highly recommend Resident Realty. I started my career with another company, and although they preached constantly how they were here if you had any questions. During my first transaction, when I had a ton of questions I always got the feeling I was bothering them. Then at the end when I filled out my CDA I was  so horrified that I gave more than half of my commission to the company that barely helped me do the transaction.

Since I've been at Resident Realty. I can get a answer anytime, day and night and have never felt incompetent or bothersome. And these people aren't  asking for ANY compensation for their help. They offered a fabulous step by step class on marketing myself. The fact that you feel like a family and everyone you speak to wants to help each other succeed for the pure pleasure of watching someone succeed. To me that's priceless. I would pay way more than the $300 transaction fee to work in that kind of environment. 

I cannot praise this business model enough, or the people that work within it. I would and have recommended Resident Realty to anyone in the business. Why would you pay more to have so much less?

Heather Bouschele

Why I Moved to Resident Realty:


There are so many reasons but first and foremost is the ability to conduct my business how I want without all the restrictions of popular Franchises and Brokers dictating the amount of commission to charge a client or which lock box system to use. 


The second consideration is Resident Realty does not nickle and dime their agents to death or charge huge office fees. In fact it is just the opposite. Craig empowers agents to be great by searching out the best marketing tools such has Call Capture Technology, agent websites, online management of transactions, training, local offices to meet Clients and so much more at no extra expense.  


Third and main consideration - We get Paid at the closing table!!!!

Sherry Burgmeier

Thank you for allowing me to let you know how much I appreciate the work your team does to support me in my real estate business. In 2015 I closed my first couple of real estate transactions. Of course being a newer agent I needed more support than the experienced agent. However, after doing most of the work (just asking questions of my managing broker) I paid out 30% of my commissions plus $300/month which ended up being almost $7000.


I loved my manager and the team however the average fee paid to the RE/MAX franchise was almost $1000/month! When I called Tony I was thinking about moving my license he was very welcoming. I was concerned because I knew the monthly fee was only $50 - how can he support me on $50/month? What I have found is that not only did he answer or return every phone call and text I sent him but he reviewed the contracts I have written as well as recommended marketing strategies. 


Then, our internal "Closing" page is awesome. I can post any real estate document that applies to a transaction and have immediate access. I did not have this access at my former company which was in control only by the managing broker who of course controlled my commission check. In this system I am truly my own boss accountable to you and Tony.


The training has been consistent. I haven't been able to attend many of the sessions but the ones I have attended have helped me greatly. I look forward to attending Chris Venne's classes on marketing and utilizing the highly sophisticated CRM tools that we have available as Resident Realty agents.


One last thing, I especially value the internal email system that we have to reach out to the other agents in our system from Fort Collins, Greeley to Denver and Colorado Springs. I actually found a listing that was just about to come on the market and discuss the details with the Resident Realty listing agent. How awesome to have over 200 agents available at the touch of an email.


Thanks again for bringing me on to your team. I look forward to a productive and lucrative career at Resident Realty.

Doug Anderson

As a newly licensed agent, I did some research on other companies out there before I signed with Resident Realty. The monthly “desk” fee some of these companies charge astonishes me.   Being new to the field the last thing I wanted was the added stress of completing enough transactions just to break even.  The incredibly low fees at Resident Realty are unlike anything I have come across.  This company clearly believes in the agent keeping their earnings.   In addition, the individual assistance I have received from the owner as well as other associates in getting my career rolling has been invaluable. Look further into Resident Realty- you won’t be disappointed!

Jenny Thompson

I made the switch to Resident Realty after one of the managing brokers at my previous firm moved to Resident Realty. I trusted this managing broker's judgement and was very intrigued by the low fees, of course, but I also wanted to know that Resident Realty was a solid company that would offer support when I had questions or issues. I couldn't be happier.


I work out of my house, which isn't particularly close to any of the Resident Realty offices, but the support from managing brokers is a phone call or email away. In addition, the network of Resident Realty agents is extremely responsive and helpful - and no matter what your question, someone has seen it or dealt with it before. Even though I work out of my house and rarely go to the office, I feel like I'm in the loop and have a lot of backup, should I need it. If you're looking to be more involved, Resident Realty offers trainings, monthly meetings, a variety of business generation tools and tricks, teams - you can take advantage of whatever makes sense for you. 


Resident Realty is also constantly improving the systems and adding ways for you to streamline your business, be more visible, capture more leads, etc. I've thought about starting my own real estate company - but here someone else is doing the hard work of creating systems and processes that work well and make me look good, so I don't have to spend time/energy doing all of that - and I can still function independently! And the fees are low. It's a perfect combination, at least for me

Jodi Vann

I retired from the state of Colorado after 32 years. Since then I have worked for three different real estate companies. I have been with Resident Realty since December of 2015. What I like about Resident Realty is its people. They have been a tremendous asset. They are friendly, helpful, and they offer agents an excellent support system with fees that are lower than other companies. 


They offer outstanding services to agents as well. Resident Realty has a document training center, with contract training videos. They provide in house training for many skills, including preparing CMA’s, writing and reviewing offers, marketing, and using the showing assistant. They also provide a free centralized showing service, and mentor training. 


Resident Realty has a managing broker hotline that you can call with any of your real estate questions until 7 pm- 7 days a week. Their company emails keep you up to date on the latest trends in real estate and informed with everything that’s going on within the company. 


I’m happy to be with Resident Realty and highly recommend it to any agent.

John Ward

My husband and I work as a team, we are a younger couple and newer to the real estate business.  We choose Resident Realty because the monthly/transaction fees for agents are extremely low, and the services and tools available to agents are great! 


Additionally, we were very impressed with the knowledge and availability of our Employing Broker, Tony.   We have since found ourselves at an advantage in our transactions, because the information/knowledge we acquire working with Tony, often surpasses that of other agents we encounter. Both he and the owner of the company, Craig are available to us anytime, which has been a huge relief in complicated situations.


The website provided to us by Resident Realty is easy to operate and maintain.  The system makes it very easy to organize our business, and communicate with clients and other agents.  The training videos are straight forward, and helpful in learning to work the system. 


We highly recommend following the Systematic Approach Course.  We recently took the class based on this technique and found the knowledge gained to be imperative to growing and sustaining our business, we would highly recommend this class to any agent new to the business or struggling to maintain consistent business.


Resident Realty is an excellent choice for agents who are self-driven and motivated, with the tools they provide you will excel in this business!

Terra Madrigal

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